Dermatology clinic Sofia

Dermatology clinic  Sofia

Aesthetic dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology is a sub-specialty that aims to improve the aesthetic appearance and correcting various skin imperfections, the structure of the face or body by applying invasive mini-invasive and non-invasive medical procedures. Theoretical knowledge and practical methods used by specialists are applied to healthy people and aimed at improving the appearance and quality of the skin, the shape and proportions of the body and face.

The main principles that determine aesthetic dermatology practice are:

  • Personalized selection of appropriate procedures,
  • Respect of good clinical practice
  • Respect of disinfection and aseptic rules that will guarantee minimization of inflammatory side effects
  • Prioritization of noninvasive activities and considering more invasive techniques only in the absence of effect of conservative procedures
  • Preblockedion and application of drugs and medical devices approved in the country or the European Union