Dermatology clinic Sofia

Dermatology clinic  Sofia

General dermatology

Dermatology is a medical specialty that studies the characteristics of the skin, its changes occurring under the influence of different internal or external factors and the treatment of skin diseases.

Dermatology is extremely diverse specialty. It deals not only with deep theoretical knowledge of the diseases of the skin, but also with special surgical techniques required for the treatment of skin tumors. Dermatologists use all possible techniques that medical science deals with in order to diagnose skin diseases - microbiological, immunological and histopathological analyses, diagnostic imaging and others.  Over the last decade a new direction in the practical work of dermatologists - aesthetic dermatology has been developed. It gives an opportunity to correct the visible signs of ageing skin by using the achievements of the science. This branch of dermatology deals with the latest methods, presented by laser technology, and also uses biologically active or inert substances to reverse the signs of aging.